Plant Hardiness Zones

The USDA has divided North America into 11 Hardiness Zones based on average annual minimum temperatures. The hardiness recommendations in our catalogue refer to these Zones and are based on information that current research indicates. They are offered without guarantee that a plant will grow in a particular zone. Occasionally we indicate an “extra” zone in parentheses. This means that the plant is marginal but may survive in that extra zone if afforded particularly good conditions. Remember that plants do not usually achieve their full hardiness for a season or two.

Zone 1Below -50°F
Zone 2-40°to-50°
Zone 3-30°to-40°
Zone 4-20°to-30°
Zone 5-10°to-20°
Zone 6to-10°
Zone 7to+10°
Zone 810°to20°
Zone 920°to30°
Zone 1030°to40°
Zone 11Above 40°

If you’re not sure which zone you’re in, follow this link to the 2021 USDA Hardiness Zone Map