Ordering Information

WHEN TO ORDER. We grow and sell plants, and because our inventory is in constant flux, we do business on a strictly seasonal basis. For Spring we start taking orders in January for shipment from early March through the end of April, weather and plant growth permitting. For Fall we start taking orders in August for shipment from mid-September through mid-November. We do not ship at any other times of the year, and we cannot take orders in one season for shipment the next season. Please see our current calendar for this season’s deadlines.

HOW TO ORDER ONLINE. If you’re paying with Visa or MasterCard, it’s easy to order plants using our online Shopping Cart. You can add plants to your Shopping Cart as you browse, and you can adjust quantities or remove a plant any time before you finalize your order. If you have our current print catalogue, you can go directly to the Shopping Cart and enter the plant codes found in your catalogue.

Your credit card is not charged online. When we receive your order, we reserve your plants, charge your credit card, and mail you a printed receipt and Order Acknowledgement. We care for your plants (at no additional charge) until the proper shipping time for your area and then send them to you by UPS. 

HOW TO ORDER BY MAIL. If you prefer to mail in your order, the easiest way is to use the Shopping Cart and print out your final plant selection. Please provide your street address and telephone number for UPS delivery. Payment in full must accompany orders and should be made by check, money order, or Visa or MasterCard. Please refer to the chart below to calculate packing and shipping charges.

FAX ORDERS. (856) 451-0303 We accept fax orders from customers paying with Visa or MasterCard. Please provide your street address and telephone number for UPS delivery. We’ll calculate packing and shipping charges and mail you an Order Acknowledgement. Our fax is on 24 hours a day, so feel free to fax at any time.

PHONE ORDERS. (856) 451-6261 We accept phone orders from customers paying with Visa or MasterCard. We try to be available 8–12 and 1–5, Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, but we’re often out in the nursery. Please leave a message, and we’ll return your call as soon as we’re back in the office. We generally cannot take calls evenings or weekends. We’re happy to answer brief questions about our plants, but please understand that we cannot design your garden on the phone.

Due to plant quarantines, we do not ship to foreign countries or to the following states: AZ CA ID NV OR UT WA.

PICKUP ORDERS. We’re delighted to have you visit us and pick up your plants. Please click on Pickup Orders for more information.

SUBSTITUTIONS. Our online listings are not “live,” and it’s possible a plant is sold out when we receive your order request (even though you will receive an automatic confirmation by email). It’s a good idea to include a few substitutes, particularly if you’re ordering later in the season. Also, if an order depends on the availability of a particular plant, do let us know! If a plant ordered is available only in a smaller size, we’ll substitute the smaller size of that plant and adjust the price accordingly. No other substitutions will be made without your authorization.

7% NEW JERSEY SALES TAX must be added to the total value of items shipped to a New Jersey address or picked up at the nursery. Packing and shipping charges are also subject to New Jersey Sales Tax.

SHIPMENTS TO TWO DIFFERENT ADDRESSES count as two separate orders. Minimum shipping charges apply to each order.

CHANGES TO ORDERS should be made at least 2 weeks before scheduled shipment. Give us a call, and if you reach our answering machine, please leave a message with your changes. You can also send us an email with your changes: just click on Contact Us. If you’re ordering additional plants, you can simply place a new order. Please remind us in the “Special Instructions” section that you already have an order pending. If the orders are being shipped to the same address, we’ll combine them, which can sometimes reduce shipping charges.

WE GUARANTEE safe arrival of your plants. If your box appears damaged, please do not refuse shipment. We take great pains to pack carefully, and you’ll usually find your plants well secured and in good condition. Our perennials should explode into growth once planted. Prune off any broken stems on trees and shrubs and give them a chance to recover from their journey. If there is serious damage, please keep all packing materials and phone UPS and us at once. As we are unable to control growing conditions once plants have left our nursery, we cannot extend further guarantees.

OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO YOU. We offered the following comments in our first catalogue (1993): “We grow our plants to rigorous standards, and we make every effort to sell plants that are true to name. While we cannot be responsible for conditions once a shipment has left our nursery, we are interested in your success with our plants and in your continued patronage. Should your plants not arrive in good condition, please let us know upon receipt.” We continue to hew to this philosophy, and either Robert Hoffman or Robert Popham examines every plant carefully before it leaves our nursery. If it does not look like a plant that we ourselves would be pleased to receive, then be assured that you won’t receive it either. We are grateful that so many customers take time to write or phone just to say “your plants are still the best.”

SPECIAL NOTE FOR SPRING SHIPMENTS. Occasionally, for reasons best known to itself, a plant fails to break dormancy. If a plant you have received in spring fails to begin growing by mid-May, please let us know. Sometimes a plant begins growing but falters once summer arrives. If this happens, please give us a call, and we’ll attempt to offer suggestions on how to bring it out of its funk.

GIFT CERTIFICATES. Our plants, although still youngsters, already look like their mature selves and make fine gifts for your favorite gardener. Fairweather Gift Certificates are available in any denomination starting at $75.00 and will be sent to the recipient with a current catalogue. This is one gift that won’t end up in the attic! Please phone us to order Gift Certificates.

PACKING & SHIPPING CHARGES are calculated per the chart below. You get the best value if you order at least $100.00 in plants, as our packing and shipping charges are the same up to $100.00.

ADDITIONAL HANDLING. Some extra-tall plants incur extra UPS charges. These plants are marked “Add’l H.” For these plants there is an Additional Handling charge of $15.00 per plant to the East, and $20.00 per plant to other points. This charge is in addition to the regular shipping charge. If you’re ordering multiple plants which require Additional Handling, we’ll attempt to consolidate them into as few boxes as possible in order to keep this UPS surcharge to a minimum.

Packing & Shipping ChargesTotal of Plants
 Up to $100.00Over $100.00
East: CT DC DE IN KY MA MD ME MI NC NH NJ NY OH PA RI SC VA VT WV, Eastern GA3, Eastern TN7.Add $29.00Add 25%
East-Central & SE: AL FL IA IL MN MS WI, Eastern AR1, Western GA4, Eastern MO5, Western TN8.Add $32.00Add 28%
West-Central: KS LA ND NE OK SD TX, Western AR2, Western MO6.Add $37.00Add 32%
Mountain: CO NM.Add $40.00Add 35%
UPS has split some states according to the first 3 numbers of the ZIP Code. Eastern Arkansas, for example, includes all ZIPs beginning with 716 and all ZIPs from 72000 through 72699.
1Eastern AR ZIPs: 716, 720-726
2Western AR ZIPs: 717-719, 727-729
3Eastern GA ZIPs: 304-306, 308-309, 313-314
4Western GA ZIPs: 300-303, 307, 310-312, 315-319
5Eastern MO ZIPs: 630-639, 646, 650-658
6Western MO ZIPs: 640-645, 647-649
7Eastern TN ZIPs: 376-379
8Western TN ZIPs: 370-375, 380-385

We reserve the right to limit quantities.

All sales are final.