Cedrus libani ssp. stenocoma - Cedar Of Lebanon

A famous and long-lived tree with tiers of branches clothed with clouds of dark green needles. An image of this tree graces the flag of Lebanon, yet trees from Lebanon itself proved to be somewhat tender in cold winters. The Arnold Arboretum mounted an expedition to southern Turkey to collect seed at high elevations from the stenocoma subspecies, and the resulting plants have proved exceptionally hardy, withstanding temperatures of -20° or occasionally even more with minimal needle damage. Plant in full sun and well-drained soil. This hardy subspecies is quite rare in commerce. Z. 5-9

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Cedrus libani ssp. stenocoma - Cedar Of Lebanon

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Cedrus deodara - Deodar Cedars

An extraordinarily graceful and majestic tree, Deodar Cedar is one of the best choices for a specimen Conifer. Layer upon layer of somewhat pendulous branches with silvery foliage always look cool in summer yet never fail to lift the spirits during the dankest days of winter. Full-sized cultivars can reach 30-40 feet fairly quickly. Deodar Cedars prosper in practically any well-drained, sunny location. They are notably tolerant of air pollution and appear not to be bothered by any serious pests. Z. 6-9

Photo of Cedrus deodara

Cedrus deodara 'Karl Fuchs' - Deodar Cedar

From high mountains south of Kabul in Afghanistan comes this selection which we believe will prove to be one of the hardiest as well as one of the most attractive Deodar Cedars. New growth emerges a striking bright blue before maturing to green, and as new growth appears in spring and for much of the summer, we are presented with a lovely shimmering effect much of the season. Though hardiness is still being tested, its provenance suggests that it should be fully hardy through Zone 6 and perhaps even colder. Z. 6-9

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Cedrus deodara 'Well's Golden' - Golden Deodar Cedar

This full-size Deodar Cedar is a lovely sight, particularly in spring when the drooping branches display their golden yellow new needles at the tips. 'Well's Golden' grows in a somewhat broad pyramidal form. Growth is dense, and there are frequently multiple leaders. An stunning and elegant addition to your garden. Z. 7-9

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