Photo of Schizophragma hydrangeoides

Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Moonlight' - Japanese Hydrangea Vine

An elegant vine that will scramble over rocks or stumps or scurry up a tree. It can also be trained to cover a masonry wall, clinging as it does by means of aerial rootlets. Its bluish-green, heart-shaped leaves are handsome and tidy all season. The creamy flower clusters, 5-6 inches in diameter, consist of fertile flowers in the center surrounded by sterile ones. It is the petal-like sepals of the sterile flowers which are showy—they droop down and impart an indescribable elegance to the scene. Plant 'Moonlight' in part shade and moist soil close to the bases of its supports. Prune as needed in late winter or spring to train it. May reach 20-30 feet eventually. PHS Gold Medal. Z. (5)6-8

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Schizophragma integrifolium v. fauriei Windmills - Chinese Hydrangea Vine

A plant to lust after, Chinese Hydrangea Vine is famous for its immense inflorescences up to a foot across. Well, Windmills beats the species with distinctive elongated and flattened sepals drooping down on exceptionally long petioles. The whole inflorescence is reminiscent of one of those spinning amusement park rides in full spin! If you're gardening in a mild area, you'll surely want to give this new introduction a try. PPAF. Z. 7-8

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