Photo of Sinocalycalycanthus

Sinocalycalycanthus 'Aphrodite' - Hybrid Calycanthus

'Aphrodite' is the latest introduction from Dr. Tom Ranney of the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Station near Fletcher, N.C., and it's quite a stunner! Richly colored burgundy-red flowers appear in May with repeat off and on through summer. The flowers exude a pleasant herbal fragrance, and they are nicely set off by large, lustrous leaves. 'Aphrodite' is fairly fast growing, and it quickly reaches 5-6 feet with a similar spread. Our plants sized up beautifully last summer. Plant one now, and prepared to be bowled over before you know it! PPAF. Z. 5-9

30-40 in.
$ 39.95
Photo of Sinocalycalycanthus

Sinocalycalycanthus 'Venus' - Hybrid Calycanthus

An enticing fragrance of strawberries and melons, and large, Magnolia-like flowers are the draw on this three-way hybrid between Carolina Allspice (Calycanthus), Pale Allspice, and Chinese Wax Shrub (Sinocalycanthus), 'Venus' boasts fragrant ivory flowers with purplish stripes radiating out from the base. We have Dr. Tom Ranney of N.C. State University to thank for this recent introduction. The flowers are reminiscent of Magnolia flowers and are borne in early summer on a mound-shaped shrub 5-6 feet high. The bold apple-green foliage is more reminiscent of its Chinese parent. It's probably best to site this intriguing beauty in filtered sun or light shade in acid, well-drained soil rich in organic matter. PP 15925. Z. 5-8

18-24 in.
$ 29.95
Photo of Sinocalycalycanthus x raulstonii

Sinocalycalycanthus x raulstonii 'Hartlage Wine' - Hybrid Calycanthus

Resulting from a cross first made in the mid-1990's, this plant quickly became the holy grail of collectors, but now everyone can have one and plant it in their garden. A hybrid of the Chinese and the American Calycanthus, 'Hartlage Wine' produces large red flowers against bold, attractive leaves. Vigorous and relatively fast growing, this shrub may grow to about 6-9 feet high. Probably best grown in light shade or dappled sun. Z. 5-8

20-30 in.
$ 29.95
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