Photo of Chionanthus retusus

Chionanthus retusus 'Tokyo Tower' - Fastigiate Chinese Fringe Tree

Chinese Fringe Tree is smothered with fleecy white flowers in May, and the attractive bark exfoliates in papery curls. Chinese Fringe Tree is extremely heat and drought tolerant as well as pest resistant. We've had one growing for over 10 years on the hot south side of the house, and it has never been fazed by heat, drought, or cold. That's why Chinese Fringe Tree is our number one recommendation for a small tree in a harsh location. While most Chinese Fringe Trees require some pruning to maintain a tree form, this unique Japanese selection from Dr. Hagiwara keeps a tight columnar-fastigiate habit, reaching 15 feet with a spread of only 4-6 feet. The white flowers are held erect above dark green, glossy leaves, and the exfoliating bark is particularly lovely tan and gold. This new introduction is destined for greatness! Z. 6-9

2-3 ft.
$ 59.95
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Photo of Chionanthus virginicus

Chionanthus virginicus - Fringe Tree

A superb native whose slightly fragrant white flowers in May smother this large multi-stemmed shrub or small tree, and the long white flower petals give the fringe effect for which the tree is named. The long narrow leaves are lustrous and turn yellow in fall. Slow growing, Fringe Tree may reach 15 feet with equal spread and makes an eye-catching specimen. Prefers rich, moist soil in full sun. There are no serious pests, and it is tolerant of air pollution. Z. 4-9

2-3 ft.
$ 39.95
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